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  • jdownloader on qnap

    jdownloader auf qnap

    to install jdownloader on a qnap and using it over the webinterface you need to follow this steps first you need to install „Entware“ with this script https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Entware/installer.sh/master/generic.sh then you need to install JRE over the QNAP Store register an account on https://my.jdownloader.org now you need to run this code during the setup you need…

  • E-Mail-Server-Check

    follow http://public.pyzor.org/whitelist/ this is realy great e-mail server check

  • installieren Apache2 auf Rasperry PI

    APACHE installation apt-get update apt-get install apache2 php5 mysql-server locales phpmyadmin php5-curl iftop iotop vim screen tightvncserver mysql-client apt-get upgrade apt-get dist-upgrade Update RPI rpi-update Install Owncloud cd /var/www wget https://download.owncloud.org/community/owncloud-8.0.3.zip unzip owncloud-8.0.3.zip rm owncloud-8.0.3.zip mv owncloud storage enabele APACHE mod’s sudo a2enmod rewrite sudo a2enmod headers service apache2 restart

  • proxy multicast stream over apache proxy with authentication

    Proxy-Multicast-Stream über Apache-Proxy mit Authentifizierung

    i configured an proxy for multicast to http this you need for example for proxying traffic form Telekom home entertainment wget https://freefr.dl.sourceforge.net/project/udpxy/udpxy/Chipmunk-1.0/udpxy.1.0.23-0-prod.tar.gz tar -xzvf udpxy.1.0.23-0-prod.tar.gz make make install add to crontab 1 1 * * * root udpxy -p 4022 initial creation for authentication htpasswd -c /etc/apache2/.htpasswd sammy add an addtional user htpasswd /etc/apache2/.htpasswd sammy2…

  • WordPress autoupdater

    Wordpress autoupdater

    install wp-cli -> http://wp-cli.org/ use this script #!/bin/bash updater(){ wp core update –allow-root wp core update-db –allow-root wp plugin update –all –allow-root wp theme update –all –allow-root wp core language update –allow-root CGROUP=$(stat -c ‚%G‘ wp-cron.php) CUSER=$(stat -c ‚%U‘ wp-cron.php) chown $CUSER:$CGROUP ./* -Rf } for i in $(find /var/www/vhosts -name wp-cron.php); do wpdir=$(echo $i |…

  • Funksteckdosen via Raspberry Pi über das Terminal, Webinterface oder Siri steuern – 433 mHz

    Belegung RaspberryPi Transmitter Receiver Pin 2 / 4 (5V) VCC VCC Pin 6 / 9 (GND) GND GND Pin 11 (GPIO17) – RPi Nr.1 ATAD – Pin 13 (GPIO27) – RPi Nr.2 – DATA (to the left of GND) Software Kommen wir nun zur Software. Hierzu müsst ihr erstmal euren Raspberry Pi starten, an dem alles…

  • letsencrypt on apache and linux

    letsencrypt auf Apache und Linux

    this is a small guide how to setup letsencrypt on apache and on linux first we need to download a letsencrypt tool and move the sample config to the right position cd /opt git clone https://github.com/lukas2511/letsencrypt.sh mkdir -p /etc/letsencrypt.sh mkdir -p /var/www/letsencrypt.sh/ chown www-data:www-data /var/www/letsencrypt.sh cp /opt/letsencrypt.sh/docs/examples/config /opt/letsencrypt.sh/config cp /opt/letsencrypt.sh/docs/examples/domains.txt /opt/letsencrypt.sh/domains.txt configure the letsencrypt config…

  • Kostenloses Monitoring einrichten

    Kostenloses Monitoring einrichten

    1. Kostenloses Monitorring Tool https://uptimerobot.com/ 2. danach einfach bei zapier anmelden und das richtige modul auswählen RSS zu SMS https://zapier.com / http://beepsend.com  

  • Erstellen Sie eine Public-Key-Infrastruktur mit Hilfe der easy-rsa Scripts

    The first step when setting up OpenVPN is to create a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). The PKI consists of: A public master Certificate Authority (CA) certificate and a private key. A separate public certificate and private key pair (hereafter referred to as a certificate) for each server and each client. To facilitate the certificate creation…

  • HTTP: disabled connection for (xxx)

    HTTP: deaktivierte Verbindung für (xxx)

    That is because of SE Linux. To fix it: /usr/sbin/setsebool httpd_can_network_connect true Or you can also set the security settings, -> Go to Security Level configurations and Change Tab to SELinux And modify SELinux policy Check Allow HTTPD scripts and modules to connect to the network under HTTPD service