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  • Windows Installation from USB stick

    [ai_post_generator_toc] Creating a Bootable USB Stick To create a bootable USB stick for Windows installation, you will need a USB drive with at least 8GB of storage capacity. First, download the Windows installation media tool from Microsoft’s official website. Once the download is complete, launch the tool and select „Create installation media for another PC.“…

  • jdownloader on qnap

    jdownloader on qnap

    to install jdownloader on a qnap and using it over the webinterface you need to follow this steps first you need to install „Entware“ with this script https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Entware/installer.sh/master/generic.sh then you need to install JRE over the QNAP Store register an account on https://my.jdownloader.org now you need to run this code during the setup you need…

  • Garmin SRF-File fahrzeuegen

    Merceds C Klasse – weiß https://storage.mo-it.eu/index.php/s/6UpHwHgC8oaAtH2