WordPress autoupdater

install wp-cli -> http://wp-cli.org/

use this script

W3 Total Cache – Intermittent Browser Decode Errors

I have modified my W3TC browser cache config to disable gzip compression.

However I still have a gzip encoding header. It looks like I have introduced a config issue with phpfpm (my assumption right now). I thought I had ruled out double encoding already, but missed something. I’ll confirm my assumptions later, but it doesn’t appear W3TC has anything to do with my issue after further investigation.

RSS Doesn't Work – XML Parsing Error

i had this problem on my WordPress Site. The issue was that i had a blank line at the beginning of my side.

The solution:

-> after a long time of research i found out that i had an “return” on my wp-config.php file in the section where i configured the WP-Multisite future.

WordPress vhost Ubuntu 14.10 fix Permalinks


Link libary change thumbnail provider

you must use Version: and change the main php file to