EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

accidentally deleted or determined in advance of your works, it suddenly was just gone? Something happens. If you have moved the deleted file only in the trash takes is a right-click to restore them, but if the file has been deleted properly, or you have emptied the Recycle Bin, then you have a problem. Now you need a data recovery software.

The company EaseUS is a leading software manufacturer of tools related to data and hard drives. In addition to backup- and partitioning software, it offers the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard an, the flagship of the company. There are circulating a lot of versions of data recovery software through the Internet, of which only a few are really worth a look. Data Recovery Wizard is ranked by all professional opinions among the best.

EaseUS Data Recovery with

How does this work?

When you delete data from the hard disk, they are not removed immediately. The memory is only released for overwriting and the path to the files removed. Without professional software you can no longer access the file, z.B. a deleted photo, one has previously perfected for hours in Photoshop, access.

After data loss, it is important, to begin as soon as possible with the restoration, is thus avoided, that the PC stores the supposedly lost files.
Here's how to do data recovery

The program is actually fairly easy to use. First of all you have to decide for one version and download them. If you want to restore only up to 2GB, extends the free version of Free EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Do not be surprised, the software says it can only 500 restore MB free. To unlock the 2GB You have the program on the 'Share' button.

If you have to restore more, to get on the paid Professional version not over. The programs are available in German language for both Windows and Mac.

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