Federal government plans minimum equipment of smartphones with apps

After the copyright levy for smartphones, currently each new touch screen phone and more than 8 GB capacity already 36 Euro is, the Federal Government plans now another intervention in the freedom of the German smartphone users: So are the legal conditions for the pre-installation of so-called standard apps are created on new smartphones by decision in the Bundestag and Bundesrat in an emergency procedure. These apps have been proposed by the mobile-Commission of the German Bundestag and be adopted in the Cabinet.

Each new smartphone, the starting 1. July 2013 goes on sale, is then delivered with Apps, which can not be deleted. "The sales of smartphones in Germany is in 2013 on 28 Million pieces rise ", explains Hubertus von Battental, Mobile Federal Government Commissioner in the Ministry of Economy, "If we want to quickly reach as many citizens, the legislative process must be beschleuningt. "Already have every citizen statistically more than a smartphone, if the government wants to reach out to citizens efficiently and cost-conscious, whether the smartphone better than the mass media so-called, so Battental further.

The then preinstalled apps include a navigation system, because traffic experts have calculated, that the more widespread use of navigation apps on mobile phones contributes significantly to reducing congestion on Germany's roads and so the economic losses of 100 Billion euros per year 37 Percentage may be reduced, if all motorists would use a navigation system with traffic jam avoidance and alternative recommendations.

The date is not too successfully launched at great expense DE-mail will now be spread over the smartphones. In DE-Mail of the German population gets its unique and individual email address, authentication takes place once the purchase of the smartphone and then allows all authorities, handle correspondence only by e-mail about the EN-mail app Smartphone. As expected, the German Post reacted to this proposal with indignation and the postal union speaks of the death knell for the postman. "We can not stop the development", so of Battental, "If Germany does not want to lose the connection technology, we need to modernize the communication with the citizens. "The Taxpayers Association sees more of a federal Trojans on the taxpayers would. Namely, it is also denkabr, that fines and tax- Now the future arrive and fee notices via email when citizens and the authorities in order to post billions in interest income in addition, since the post will be invisible.

The Ministry of Finance has submitted an application in a template, also taxes, levy, Fines and fees can withdraw any type directly on the smartphone usage bill. So one could pay nodules directly at the traffic warden, if you have an existing NFC smartphone. The numerous fees for authorities visit could be paid cash on the mobile phone, which would lead to savings of cash function in the Behören, whereby the state and country and Komunen would significantly reduce financing. It is therefore also negotiated currently with the smartphone manufacturers, extent compulsory Aiusstattung smartphone with NFC chips is enforceable.

Another App, which will be pre-installed on every smartphone, is the governmental App. About this app, its icon will be adorned with the federal eagle, the or the Federal(in) and enter the current Minister directly in contact with the voters and citizens. "Our ministers have learned from the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, that you can use mobile phones to many more, than to make calls just so. Important decisions are already informed of the Chancellor via SMS, sometimes they overshadowed during the plenary sessions and takes such dialogue the solution to current problems. In the future, will the Chancellor now also occur randomly with citizens in contact and interview them about their opinion on upcoming policy decisions.

Another App, the pre-installed with every smartphone will be delivered is the GPS History App, transmitted permanently in the backdrop records the current location of the smartphone user perspective and data encrypted to the Federal Intelligence Service. Use this app to promises the federal government a significant step against terrorism and organized crime. "Those who have nothing to hide, need be because not to worry ", so of Battental at yesterday's press conference in Berlin. The data would be transmitted secured, automatically evaluated and compared with perpetrators motion profiles.

Currently, the tenders for the app developers run. Since the tenders must be held European, one hears in Berlin, that so far no German app developer has received a coveted development contracts. "The developers from Eastern Europe have simply much cheaper", so of Battental conclusion, "But they promise us a good safety

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