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  1. Make sure that the Outlook application is closed
  2. Make sure you have the update installed and you are running on version 14.2.0. You can check by opening Word and going to ‚About Word‘
  3. Locate your identities folder using Finder. My identities folder is in Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2011 Identities (yours might be in another place). Make a backup of your entire identity folder… just in case.
  4. Create a new identity using the Microsoft Database Utility, located in Applications/Microsoft Office 2011/Office
  5. Go back to your identities folder. Now you should see two folders, one with you old identity, and one with the new identity. Each one of those has a ‚Data Records‘ folder that stores all messaging data
  6. Manually copy folders from the ‚Data Records‘ folder in the old identity, to the ‚Data Records‘ folder in the new identity, except for the three folders that were already created in the new identity, i.e. ‚Database Headers‘, ‚Preferences‘ and ‚Recent Addresses‘
  7. Go to the Database Utility, select your new identity and tell it to rebuild the database. It will go through 5 steps and might take while (my database is 8GB and it took around 40mins to rebuild)
  8. When you get confirmation that your database was successfully rebuilt, make the new identity your default
  9. Open the Outlook application