Hello everybody,

Today I'd write a post about tank taler.

Tank Taler has some advantages, the largest is the this small plug your car to SmartCar makes and still gets money back after PayBack principle.

– smartcar
– tracking
– kilometers Overview
– fuel gauge (many cars)
– Batterieanziege

the only drawback is that my car since glasses makes as with Payback shopping some people in the.

and for all who want to participate, Here a link with a few extra points

Hey! I registered at tank Taler recently. That is also something for you. If you sign on this link you get to the start 2.000 TankTaler extra:


Box.com as Dropbox replacement – Part 1

Today I write an article about Box.com as Business replacement for Dropbox.

Since Dropbox has numerous vulnerabilities, companies and users should look for a replacement. Box.com is inexpensive and offers the same features and more than Dropbox!

The following protocols are supported:

– Desktop Sync Client
– http Download
– WebDAV
– rsync

The only thing to complain about, the upload / download speed is convincing only when the desktop sync client.

upload / Download via FTP is per connection 1,5 MB/s
more Speed ​​Test come

Another feature is also the possibility, in the Business Version, to provide links only available internally.

Furthermore, does the preview of images, Excel, Word and other files very well, thus avoiding the download if desired.