How can the Raspberry Pi will be updated to the new Debian version Jessie?

Currently the Linux Wheezy version. But who wants to try new features, can the Raspberry Pi update on Jessie. even if not all should be so stable, you simply get but the latest versions. Z.b. PHP 5.5.12. This version is not yet timely with Security updates supplies and has the status of Testing.

It only needs to be adjusted the following file:

Where "wheezy" is set to "jessie"Change and Save. Then start the update process with:

It then come during installation, some questions need to be answered, whether service etc. to be restartet. Then after about. one hour can with

the residues are removed and the system to be restarted:

Then evl. still check if everything is ok with:

So you have now also the current version of PHP, test with

now generates: