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Despite turbulence, the Debian Project has completed the new stable release in just two years. Systemd has SysVInit replaced as the default init service and for Debian relationships young kernel ensures good hardware support

The Debian project has, despite significant disturbance and personnel changes die Version 8.0 released its Linux distribution after just two years of development,. It bears the name of the yodeling cowgirl from the movie Toy Story 2. Jessie used first systemd as the default init service and includes a Debian ratios pretty young kernel version 3.16, which ensures good hardware support on current notebooks.

Debian users was the change to the new init system made easy, configure users about their network settings via the Network Manager and admins can normally save the network configuration in the / etc / network / interfaces file. Also the way back to SysVInit is not difficult and for upgrades from Debian Wheezy on the new Jessie SysVInit remains the default init service.

with Linux 3.16 is a relatively young kernel on board, which also provides on current desktop and notebook computers for a good hardware support - but since Debian mitliefert exclusively free software, can occasionally missing firmware files, about the network cards. The default desktop is Gnome 3.14; additionally represent Xfce, WHERE, Cinnamon, Mate and LXDE for election. Iceweasel 31.6 is part of the standard installation, Icedove 31.6 can re-install from the default repository. In the databases you have the choice between MySQL 5.5, PostgreSQL 9.3 and first MariaDB 10.0.

The services supported by Debian Jessie CPU architectures also include now 64-bit ARM- (arm64) and 64-bit PPC processors (ppc64el). Elimination are ia64 architectures, sparc, s390 and the FreeBSD ports - mostly because developers lack. CD- and DVD images for all of Debian 8 Jessie supported platforms are already available for download.

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