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1. In die o2 Box (http://o2.box/) (Router Arcadyan IAD4421, ARE 6431) login and download the config.bin: “System” -> "Save settings" -> "Save Configuration".
2. Tool “Arcadyan IAD Decrypter” download (arcadyan_decrypter_v0.04.zip) and extract.
3. Microsoft “strings” download, so unpack and head off on the bin file folder.
4. Run the batch, which belongs to the box. (decrypt_o2_box_6431.bat)

In the o2box6431_strings.txt exists:
PPPoE1 -> Standing here login, these also apply for VoIP.
PPPoE2 -> If only something, these are the data for Internet access with VLAN 7. Danger: If it is not a T-COM VDSL resale Adapters applies VLAN ID = 11.




configure VoIP:

Internetrufnummer = 49XXXYYYYYY
Username = 49XXXYYYYYY (identical)
Password = 0XXXYYYYYYbb45
Register = sip.alice-voip.de

In the FritzBox Telephony menu! there is a list of other providers. When you interrupt “My numbers” on “new” followed by a wizard of it one makes the Internet phone book.

Automatic configuration of SIP

Connects to your Fritzbox (note enclosed instructions) and go to the configuration page via http://fritz.box / or
Now follow the Wizard - For the DSL connection is the Internet Service Provider "O2 DSL" to use, the username is your (Head-)Phone number and password does not exist; give anything here. - If the data is not correct just call o2 and ask for your DSL access. These give them out in contrast to the VoIP data.
Now go to the left menu click "System" and then on the sub-item "Update" - Ensures that its latest FRITZ!OS version for your Fritzbox have - Should this not be the case you have to update this
Now it may happen quickly or take some. Via the "Telephony" and then the sub-heading "Own numbers" should be in the foreseeable future your numbers be listed (the page must be manually updated!). These are accessed by o2 and automatically set.
If your numbers but be not set up after ten minutes patience, you have to disconnect your Fritzbox the current now. After a minute, you can connect this again. After the Fritz box is now completely started and did you logged back on the configuration page, should now your numbers exist.

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