Contact the parcel service

The DHL customer service for standard packages is under 0228/28609898 accessible (Every day 7:00 – 22:00 Clock). The DHL Customer Service for National Express packages can be reached at 0180 6 345 300-1 (20 ct per call from a German landline, max. 60 ct from a German mobile network). DHL also provides direct customer service on the DHL packet Facebook page and the DHL-Twitter-Account.

Deutsche Post Hotline: 0180 2 3333 (0,06 Euro per call from landline deutschm; mobile max. 0,42 EUR/Min.)

DPD-Hotline: 01806 373 200 (0,20 Euro per call from a German landline, max. 0,60 Euro per call from a German mobile network). accessible Mo. Fr. from 8 to 18 Clock. Find the DPD customer service on Twitter

GLS parcel service hotline at the normal rate: 06677-646907000

UPS-Hotline: 01806 882 663 (20 Cent / Call from the German. landline; mobile max. 60 Cent / Call) the English UPS Support can be reached also on Twitter.

Hermes Package-Hotline: 01806-311211 (landline 20 Cent / call, mobile max. 60 Cent / call).
Hotline of Hermes Einrichtungs Service (Sperrgutlieferungen z.B. furniture): 05732 103-0 The Hermes-Service available here also on Twitter.

TNT-Hotline: 01805 900 900 (0,14 EUR /Min. from the landline, mobile max. 0,42 EUR/Min.)

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