Apple executives must hold triple base salary in shares

Apple builds the financial fate of its management more closely to the company: As the Wall Street Journal reports, have employees from the Positon of “Executive Officer” keep the future at least three times their annual base salary in Apple shares. According to the report, the measure was already reaching the beginning of February.

Originally the Group's Board of (Board of Directors) such a proposal, had previously made to a major shareholder, rejected. It is unclear, what the company has led to a rethinking of the measure. Many managers have been as part of their compensation package over longer Apple's stock packages.

So far, Apple had already CEO Tim Cook obliged, a certain number to keep in stock - here even ten times its annual base salary. Members on the board are also committed, owning five times their allowance in Apple shares. This starts at 50.000 US dollars in, So does at least 250.000 Dollars in share certificates.

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